Beginning Photography

Course Description
Beginning Photography is a 3 credit course that meets twice weekly. This is an introductory class incorporating digital technologies. Photography is a means of understanding and interacting with both the world and ourselves in it. This course will emphasize a balance of technical skills, exploration of personal vision, and development of critical thinking and vocabulary relating to photography. We will examine the changing ways images are made, distributed and used in society. Our own image making will be considered in the context of photographic history, visual literacy, and the universe of imagery in which we live. Whether students continue with photographic methods after this class, these tools, the conceptual and technical fundamentals introduced here will apply. This is an art class first, not just a technology class. It is not simply “How to Use your Camera” although those things will be covered. 

As a branch of knowledge within the Arts and Humanities, art is concerned with human thought and culture as these take shape in concrete, visual images and objects. The discipline of art involves material and conceptual investigations and creative discoveries, emphasizing the various ways of knowing that artists contribute to understanding our place in the world.

Student Work