Up North: A Cabin Journal

Free PDF Download of Up North: A Cabin Journal

Up North: A Cabin Journal investigates the ways in which photography has been used historically as propaganda, a tool to acquire land, and considered factual. I have been looking at my personal relationships with the medium through a collection of images I have made and collected at my family’s cabin in Cotton, MN. Through these images, I search to explore relationships with land and place and how it informs identity. I am interested in the space of the cabin due to its relationships to rustic individualism and the romanticism of the idea of the frontier.

I sequence these images in book form, looking for relationships between images and text sourced from journals and records kept at the cabin. Navigating the landscape through fragments and sections, giving only pieces at a time, I ask the viewer to place their own ideas and identities onto the images and text shown to them and to fill the spaces in between.