Beginning Drawing 

Course Description

Fine Arts 110 Beginning Drawing is a 3 credit class focuses on foundation observational drawing skills using a variety of media. This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of drawing so that students can begin to translate the three- dimensional world onto a two-dimensional surface. Drawing from imagination, still life, figures and photographs, students will consider the elements and principles of design to create effective compositions. Students will learn about sighting, value, mark-making, and other technical skills while developing critical thinking and evaluative strategies.

Although this is a studio-oriented class with a strong physical basis (creating work by hand), class materials will also include recordings of lectures, presentations, and demonstrations as well as responses online via Blackboard. In addition to the creation of drawings of their own, students will be expected to participate in critiques, group activities and written assignments that will deepen their understanding of contemporary drawing and the global history of drawing as a form of media technology and communication. 

Student Work

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